The Best Hotel Alternative


Standard Hotel Room

Approx. 280 sq ft

Extended Stay

Approx. 365 sq ft. 


Approx. 900-1500 sq ft

Let's Compare Hotel Room   vs   Haven Oasis Home

Enjoy a relaxing experience with peace of mind.

 Picture This Scenario: You arrive to your hotel room late at night, exhausted from a day filled with work, exploring the sights, or completing tasks. You have only one objective in mind: to simply unwind and relax!

As you enter your hotel room, you immediately notice a problem. Either there is no couch at all, or if there is one, it is so small, hard and uncomfortable that you can't relax properly.

Feeling a bit disappointed, you decide to sit on the bed instead, hoping it will provide some comfort. However, you quickly realize that the mattress is not as soft as you would prefer. As you lie back, you can't help but hear the noise coming from the elevator, the guests chatting in the hallway, and even the sound of people arguing in the room directly next to yours.

In an attempt to escape the noise, you reach for your phone to connect it to the Bluetooth speaker. Unfortunately, you quickly remember that there is NO Bluetooth player in your room. Adding to your frustration, the Wi-Fi service is unreliable, with frequent breaks in the connection.

This describes the experience many people have while staying in a hotel.

The Haven Oasis Home experience is FAR different from that.  

                  Hotel                                    HAVEN OASIS                                                              HOMES


 Inconsiderate Timeframes. Noisy Residents. Even the most pleasant hotels may have thin walls. Continuous commotion.  Awkward small talk with strangers on elevator rides to your room.




The limited size of small hotel rooms can often make you feel confined and cramped, leading to feelings of claustrophobia. With dimensions of 300 square feet or less, there is barely enough space to move around comfortably. This issue becomes even more noticeable if you are traveling with your spouse and children, as the lack of space becomes more apparent.




The majority of hotel rooms are not furnished with kitchens, which implies that guests have to eat out and spend more money. Although some rooms might have a small kitchenette, preparing food on a hot plate and without all the necessary tools and utensils can be inconvenient. Additionally, the dining area in these rooms is often compact, making guests feel cramped and uncomfortable.




The majority of hotels do not offer rooms with laundry facilities, leaving you with the unappealing option of having to find a public laundromat.




The internet signal is almost always bad.  Hate if you need a good connection to work and have to depend on their network. 




The thought of staying in a hotel room infested with tiny blood-sucking bed bugs is enough to make your skin crawl. Your fears are totally valid.  Few bugs are as psychologically disturbing as bed bugsBy day, they lurk undetected, and by night, they emerge. Hotels are particularly susceptible, due to the transient nature of their guests. Bed bug infestation on the rise in hotels, even the nice ones.





Privacy is limited in this place, and there is a concern that even if you put the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door, the maid service may still barge in early, interrupting your peace.




With impersonal service, it's unlikely that anyone will remember your name. What's more, check-in and check-out lines can be long, leading to wasted time.




Bringing those big bulky items such as  pack & play, booster seat/ high chair, and the tedious job of  packing & unpacking their personal accessories such as  toddler-friendly cutlery, plates, cups, bowls, bottle brush and drying rack.  











*Privacy and seclusion.  Peace and quiet.  This can be especially important if you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax in peace and quiet. Not bothered with strangers.





*By renting a house, you get access to a lot more space than a hotel room, making it easier for you to spread out and relax. This feature proves to be quite advantageous, particularly if you're traveling with a group or family as everyone can enjoy both communal areas and their own private bedrooms.  






*One of the main advantages of renting a house is having access to a fully equipped kitchen that allows you to cook and serve your meals. You get a fully stocked kitchen, complete with a spacious dining table and chairs, which saves you money and provides you with the freedom to eat whatever you want, cater to dietary restrictions, and maintain a healthier lifestyle.




*You’ll be able to avoid visiting a dreaded public laundromat.  What's better than having the convenience of doing your laundry in the privacy of your own home




*Feel at ease.  Better than extended stay hotels.  Fast internet & Wi-Fi Speeds for work & gaming consoles and streaming movies.




We encase our mattress. box springs, and pillows with waterproof encasements for accidental spills, protects against dust mites and other allergens and bed bugs. Our cleaning staff receive routine training on bed bug prevention and provide a thoroughly inspection of beds, headboards, pillows, all upholstered furniture at each cleaning. 

We collaborate with a top-notch licensed pest control company that implements robust proactive, preventative measures to eradicate and prevent pests.



 Privacy is a luxury you can afford.   Freedom from having to deal with hotel staff and other strangers

Nest Doorbell Camera for safety

Exterior motion-activated security flood lights for added security



Forget about the hassle of waiting in line to check in or out . With a smart door lock equipped with your personal and unique door passcode, you can go straight to your place without any interruptions.




*** If you're traveling with kids, you'll have the luxury of more space and sometimes even a backyard. Additionally, we provide toddler silverware, high chairs, pack n play, booster chairs, and more to make your stay comfortable and convenient for your little ones.

Reserve our Toddler Travel Package.